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Springtime is Here!

We are so excited to offer new Spring/Easter holiday themed leash material!! All of the new fabrics are very limited availability, so once they're gone - they're gone! Don't miss out if you see something you love, but there's more designs to come! Just message us to order now.

Available Now:

- Irish Spring Green

- Spring Flowers

- All Pictured Designs Below!* (Size availability limited. Pictured in Large.)

*These materials may only be available through online custom order or in person at Repticon events.

easter lg swatches_edited.jpg


Welcome to PaigesLeashes!​

PaigesLeashes is a small business local to Polkton, North Carolina. We strive to provide quality products for all of our

customers and their pets. Our goal is to make sure that your pet is safe (and stylish!) while wearing our leashes. Have questions? Send us an Email or Facebook Message! 

Screenshot 2024-03-18 171547.png

Why a Lizard Leash?

"My Bearded Dragon is lazy and stays in the same place I put him."

"I will always be right next to him."

"I won't let him go anywhere dangerous - only in my yard."

"I'm putting him into a kiddie pool (without water). He can't possibly climb out."

"They can't be THAT fast."

These are just a few reasons why you DON'T need a leash, right?     

Here is why you DO need a leash:

Your Bearded Dragon (or Uromastyx, or Iguana, or Monitor) is completely dependable and predictable. That is, up until the moment you decide to take them outside.  Then, they turn into high-jumping track stars who have never seen you before and hate you.  They can jump out of the kiddie pool and make a beeline for the deepest, darkest crevice deep inside the sharpest, pointiest plants, 

and YES - they are THAT FAST!

It only took one heart-stopping sprint across the grass chasing a Dragon to realize I stood no chance of catching him before he dove into a dangerous-looking crevice under a pile of fallen branches. The next internet search made was for a  bearded dragon leash.  There were a few that showed up, but one design in particular caught my eye; this one.  These leashes are well fitted to your lizard, and are designed to be comfortable and safe for them to wear. There is no chafing, rubbing, or cutting, and your dragon won't wiggle out of it.  These harnesses are washable, and come in many different colors and textures.  So they work great and look great too!

Why THIS Lizard Leash?

Keep your reptile safe, comfortable, and secure when taking them outside or even just handling them in the house where you don't want them to get lost or out of control. Our Leashes, Handmade by Paige, are designed originally for Bearded Dragons by Christene Ogle of OgleRPets, but can be used on many reptiles and small pets. Christene spent ten years researching and perfecting this design, and it is tried and true. Safe, comfortable, washable, and they look great, too! When sized properly they do not pinch or bind your dragon, and best of all, will not slip off or come undone. We know that you and your dragon will love yours! Just message us here to request one for your baby. We offer a huge variety of colors and styles in many sizes.  

There is a video at the bottom of this page showing one of our juvenile dragons being dressed in a harness that you might find helpful.

Sizing Guide

*Girth is measured under the front armpits.

Small   -    8" to 10" long and 1-1/2" to 3" girth. Leash cord length 54" (Think of leopard geckos.)

Medium - 12"to 15" long and 3-1/8" to 4-1/2" girth. Leash cord length 84" (Think of a 4-7 month old bearded dragon.)

Large   -    16" + long and 4-1/2" to 6-1/4" girth. Leash cord length 84"  (Think of a 6 month and older bearded dragon. MOST adult Beardies wear larges.)

XLarge  -  16" + long and 6-3/8" to 9-1/4" girth. Leash cord length 84" (Weighing 650 grams or more, think of a full grown, REALLY chunky bearded dragon.)

XXLarge - 16" + long and 10-1/2" to 12-1/2"girth.  Leash cord length 84" (Think of Caiman.)

XXXL (Shown below)   -   16" + long and 13-3/4" to 16" girth.   Leash cord length 84" (Think of a full grown Red or Rhino iguana.)

    For other lizards or small animals use this for comparison, or contact us if you need help!

Here's a graphic guide on how to dress your pet! 

How to Dress

Your (Less Cooperative) Dragon

In this short video I will to show you a method to put your harness on your dragon as it rests on your chest. Most dragons get comfortable and trusting in this position relatively quickly. In this video, Razuvious has only worn a harness twice before.

Click on the actual Title in the upper left corner to begin the video in Youtube. 

Dressing Your Dragon

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