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How to Order!

First, to figure out your size, gently measure your Bearded Dragon's girth (under its armpits, just behind its front legs) and its length nose to end of tail. Then, using your measurements, refer to our sizing guide. This will give you the basic sizing for your harness. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Next, choose your favorite fabric along with your leash color. Now you are ready to go!

Check out our Etsy for easy ordering of some of our most popular leashes!

For custom orders, Just MESSAGE/EMAIL us with your order on the "Contact" page or on Facebook!

We accept Paypal, all Major Credit/Debit cards, Venmo, and CashApp.

If you are an eBay shopper, we're also available at

Choose your cord, then your material, then send us a message!

Cord Color Picture.png
Cord Color Key.png

We have more colors of rope available, just ask us if you have something specific in ​mind!  Some cord may be limited.

Available Fabric

We have more fabrics to choose from upon request!

Our leash materials are tested for durability and are smooth on the inside to prevent scale pulling and discomfort.



Almost all of our fabrics are vinyl, meaning that they are hand-washable.  Some of our limited fabrics are humanely sourced real leather, and that means that the harness of your leash is not washable with regular soap or laundry detergent. We recommend handwashing or machine washing in a delicates bag for all leashes,  but using mild baby soap mixed with water has the best results with leather leashes, and keeping the washes "light" helps ensure the lifetime of your leash. If you are not sure if your leash is leather or not, contact us and we will happily help. 

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