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Becoming PaigesLeashes

Our family is privileged to be able to love and care for Bearded Dragons who have been surrendered by their owners for various reasons. They are amazing creatures and great companions. Before having a leash, I had the unexpected opportunity to chase one of our very lazy,  sedentary dragons across our large town park green at what seemed like 100 miles per hour for what felt like forever, until I finally caught up to it and had it safely in hand once again. That was the day I vowed that no lizard should go on any outing without some proper leash and harness attached. After trying out a few designs that either didn’t fit right, fell off unexpectedly, or strangled the Dragon, I happened upon one made by Christene Ogle of OgleRPets. It was perfect! It fit snugly and securely without strangling,  felt and looked comfortable for the Dragon,  wouldn’t fall or slip off when there was a bit of a struggle, was washable, and looked really eye-catching! I was completely sold.

Once I was hooked on these, I began to contact Christene and pester her repeatedly,  asking her if I might be able to sell her leashes because I wanted EVERYBODY to be able to have one for their own Dragon. Christene very nicely declined each time I asked. I continued to contact her off and on, the whole while purchasing more and more harnesses, leashes and wings for our own Dragons. When I heard that Christene was going to stop making her leashes and move on to another business, it took me about ten minutes to make her an offer to buy the business, and here we are!

Paige jumped right in and took off making harnesses and wings of all sizes and colors, and she manages every aspect of production, so she definitely deserves to have her name on them.  We are dedicated to producing the same high quality product that Christene Ogle spent ten years designing and perfecting.  We want everyone to have the confidence to take their companion Dragons,  as well as other lizards and some small animals,  safely out into the world - or just to the backyard!

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